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I BOUGHT A SUZUKI JIMNY! Collection Day with My Senna

It's collection day of my new Suzuki Jimny, the latest Shmeemobile! As a surprise addition to the garage, the little off-roading beast comes in to complete the Shkittles line-up and what could be better than to take the McLaren Senna to go and pick it up!

The Jimny arrives after a long wait due to the very high demand and limited supply in the UK, it's an SZ5 with 5psd manual in Kinetic Yellow (more green if you ask me!) with dual-tone black roof. The spec is as high as it can go on a Jimny while of course also having the 4WD system and loads of character.

I've always been a fan of a diverse garage and different driving experiences, so when the new 4th generation of the Suzuki Jimny was introduced I was immediately taken by it and wanted to give it a go. With a tiny footprint, the car is ideal for bumbling around central London and a fun way to add something green back into the garage.

To go from one extreme to another, let's kick off in the garage to drive over to Glyn Hopkin Suzuki in Watford with the McLaren Senna; the polar opposite in terms of cars. The team at the dealership were fantastic, managing to prepare the car and get it all ready against tough timetables, so it's a big thanks to them for all of their efforts!

There will be more to come with the Jimny for sure, in terms of video plans but also ideas for the car itself and modifications!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 7 May 2019

Make: Suzuki


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