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Hyundai i30 N TCR v i30 N Performance

Can Dickie Meaden beat Steve Sutcliffe in a straight(ish) race? We sent them to the Circuit Nuvolari with a pair of Hyundai i30 Ns to find out.

But with Steve's i30 N Performance producing 'only' 270bhp and weighing 1429kg, against Dickie's i30 N TCR race car producing 350bhp and tipping the scales at 1265kg, and the latter also wearing Yokohama slick tyres compared to the former's Pirelli road tyres, it’s a foregone conclusion when it comes to a race, right? But what if the race car has to complete six laps before the road car finishes five?

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Credits EVO
added on 23 Sep. 2019

Make: Hyundai


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