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How Shall I Spec My Ford GT? | GARAGE

It's time to fully start the road to my Ford GT! The 'Design Spec' ordering kit has arrived which opens the order window period ready for delivery at the very end of this year, in December. So now starts the process of working out how to spec it?!

Ford have taken a completely original and unique approach to the GT for their customers, by providing the carbon fibre box with racing latch that reveals the different 'standard' spec options that are available; the paint colours, strips, wheel options, interior trim and materials and more. It is both helpful to spec the car itself but also as a long term collectible with a space to place the chassis plate that matches the final car.

There is no question it's an expensive car; with a start price of £519,995 before options it will run up to almost £600k in total, so some serious consideration has to be taken about this. The story surrounding the Ford GT has been incredibly exciting, especially on a personal level having been at the global unveiling in Detroit, been with Ford as the GT took Le Mans victory in 2016, and having the most amazing first drive in the Cairngorms in Scotland. There will only be a handful of them on UK roads and it has to be one of the absolutely best looking cars in existence. There is nothing else really like it in terms of something that is literally built for racing and then reverse engineered for the road.

However, I think I am very likely to proceed, so here is the big question, how am I going to spec this? I want it to be something quite unique and stand out - for example no way is it going to be a resale generic spec. There are the possibilities to go for a completely unique 'extended palette' paint to sample, or even to do that with the stripes too. Options galore, but let's take a run through what we have as I unbox the GT order kit box.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 7 May 2018

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