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GerCollector's NOVITEC Aventador SVJ Roadster Makes Ears Bleed!

My friend, GerCollector's Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster now has the full Novitec exhaust, and it sounds ridiculous! There are plenty of crazy Aventadors out there, but this SVJ cannot be tamed and you can hear exactly why. With some flat out runs towards 200mph and plenty of tunnels, my ears couldn't handle it any more!

Last month, I personally delivered GerCollector's Aventador SVJ Roadster to Novitec for the installation of its new full exhaust system! We loaded it up from the GerCollection into the trailer behind my G63 and then I handed it over for the work to be done while going out for a ride in the Novitec Senna as well. Now though, the car has returned to GerCollector's garage, and it's time to experience the results.

With a cold start to get things going, the vibe is set very quickly for how the 770hp 6.5l V12 in the raging bull will now sound. Our route takes us out to the derestricted Autobahn for some flat out accelerations up to 280km/h (175mph) to the red line, plus plenty of tunnels that could almost make ears bleed it's so loud. There is no question that this one of the 800 SVJ Roadsters that Lamborghini will make, is now more mental than anybody could have imagined.

GerCollector has also started a YouTube channel! You can follow here:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 13 Sep. 2020


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