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FORMULA 1 CAR CHRISTMAS PRESENT! You Won't Believe The New Shmeemobile

It's not every day you unwrap a Christmas present like this! Join me at @TheShmuseum to reveal the latest addition to my collection; a 1997 Arrows A18 former Formula 1 race car from Michelin; it's the ultimate garage addition. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The present in question is 1997 Arrows A18 that was driven that F1 season by at-the-time World Championship title holder Damon Hill. Arrows were later taken over by Minardi, whose cars wore Michelins and during 2001 to 2006 when Michelin were involved in the sport it was used for promotional activities hence the livery. While it's a rolling chassis and sadly doesn't come with the V10 engine it would have run at the time, to know that Hill has piloted it and what it represents is beyond special.

It will now proudly feature in the Shmuseum, as all good car collections need a proper race car on show! We will decide whether for the future it will be mounted on the wall, hanging from the roof, re-activated as a racing sim, or kept as an epic display piece in the collection of Shmeemobiles.

However for now, the recognisable wrapped shape could be nothing else, and is certainly unique in the garage. Stay tuned to @TheShmuseum channel for the delivery day itself and the behind the scenes of the Formula 1 car being delivered from Michelin as it leaves their fleet.

I hope you've had a very Merry Christmas and with this closure to 2021, a very Happy New Year. 2022 is going to rock, let's do this!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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00:44 Reveal
02:38 Walkaround
05:42 Jump inside
09:45 Motorsport derived
11:40 Close-up look
12:40 Wrap up

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added on 1 Jan. 2022


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