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Ford GT in Death Valley! Senna and AMG GT R Pro UPDATE

I drove my Ford GT through Death Valley! It's one of the hottest places on earth with phenomenal scenery too, which makes for a great time to bring you a garage update about the return of my McLaren Senna and arrival of my new AMG GT R Pro too!

In the past I have driven through Death Valley on two Gumball 3000 rallies; in 2012 and 2015 but never considered it might be possible to one day go through in my own car. With the next stop on my route being Las Vegas it fit perfectly to take the Ford GT to the driest and lowest place in North America and even one of the hottest places in the world! However, two problems stood in the way - how to transport luggage, and how to not run out of fuel.

Joined by and @nathanlovesbacan to snap the moment, we embark on the adventure across the baron land that takes us towards a stop at Spring Mountain Race Resort. Along the way is plenty of opportunity to discuss when the McLaren Senna will be back in the garage and when I'll be collecting my AMG GT R Pro; as part of a garage update.

The very exciting news is that both are not too far away, and the AMG GT R Pro has now arrived! As soon as I am back in the UK in a few weeks it will be time to go and take delivery, with the Senna arriving back soon thereafter. There are updates as well about the 675LT Spider, GTC4Lusso, Red Focus RS and some of the other cars too.

At Spring Mountain we join up with @speedy_jeff for a demonstration of the facility; with a private racetrack making the driveway (and landing strip!), a helicopter tour to watch a race and more, this is quite a location! After a couple of brief laps it's time to get back on the road but for sure I would love to return to spend some more time at Spring Mountain. Thanks to

What a day, what an amazing set of photos thanks to the guys and what a memory to add to the growing list with my Ford GT.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 23 Oct. 2019

Make: Ford


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