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Flat Out with the £2.5m Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss!

The Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss is without doubt one of my dream cars, with only 75 of them in the world (and only 4 in white!) it is both exceptionally rare but also incredibly powerful boasting 650hp and weighing 200kg less than it's 722 Coupe sibling. Factor in those elements, and you're looking at a car worth approximately £2-2.5 million!

During Supercar Owners Circle's event at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, we join Mechatronik for an experience firstly with the SLR Stirling Moss, but also then with the almost-as-rare CLK DTM - a car that is one of only 100 units. Lastly we can also glimpse inside the fabulous CLK GTR, a first for me to take a seat in one but a raw poster car of my generation.

Mechatronik are based in Stuttgart, and carry out restorations and works to particularly rare and special Mercedes models, hence the line-up we see here including the SLR 722 as well. For the SOC event they presented a number of their ultimate machines, all cars that are well and truly flagships from my era and a dream to be able to see, let alone experience so it is a huge thanks to them for the opportunity to do so.

After an introduction to the SLR Stirling Moss, we can jump on board for a few gentle laps at the Goodwood circuit. Of course you'll have to forgive the inability for me to accurately run a microphone due to the entirely open nature of the car and the sheer wind buffeting that comes as a result! In any case, the power and torque from the car was obvious, it's capable of reaching a top speed of 350km/h (or 220mph), and as an experience is quite clearly something incredible.

When we then jump into the CLK DTM, a car with 590hp that paid tribute to Bernd Schneider's winning DTM series car, but with as much power as the fastest cars from AMG now from it's supercharged 5.4l V8. Also very rare and dramatically increasing in value, the DTM is a tremendously stripped out, raw and dramatic experience.

A huge thanks goes to Mechatronik for the opportunities and of course to Supercar Owners Circle for hosting a fantastic day at Goodwood.


Supercar Owners Circle:

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added on 5 Jun. 2018

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