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One SLS Black Series is rare, but a collection of 4 is something incredible! Taking mine out to visit this private garage, we have 5 of them together in completely different specifications, as well as a few special Ferraris including a Novitec 812 N-Largo. What an unbelievable sight!

Starting from my garage in Frankfurt, the outing takes me to visit this collection, primarily to inspect one of the cars on behalf of a friend unable to currently travel to Germany. However, the owner of the cars very kindly allowed the opportunity to bring mine in together with the others for an amazing view of the five SLS AMG Black Series all together, and all in different colours.

In addition to my Mystic Blue car, the others are Magno Allanite Grey, Le Mans Red (wrapped in yellow), Mystic White and Obsidian Black; two of which are a very rare specification without the optional Aero Kit consisting of the rear wing and front flics, of which very few were ever ordered without. Within the line-up we also have a mix of the two different interior options, various wheel finishes, some with B&O sound and the carbon covers in the engine bay.

That's not all though, the collection also includes a few very nice Ferraris; including a Gonzales Red 458 Speciale, 488 Pista, and even a Novitec 812 N-Largo - the most crazy of Ferrari 812 Superfasts you could imagine. While there's also an AMG GT R present, sadly missing is also an F12 N-Largo from Novitec, which is currently out for a service.

A special thanks goes to Peter at @supercarleaks_official and Chris at @thecarfinders for the intro to the collection, and of course to the owner for making it possible to share this incredible line-up with you.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 20 Jun. 2020

Make: Mercedes


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