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First Drive in My 500hp Mountune Focus RS! | PROJECT PART 9

Mountune have worked their magic on my project Ford Focus RS with a complete overhaul of the engine bringing power to the 500hp mark! The internals have been upgraded, along with a new intercooler, intake, sports downpipe, Mtune and more to transform it into quite a beast.

Having dropped the Focus RS off with Mountune around 2 months ago, work has been pushing on to strip the engine down and build it up with stronger components in order to run more power than the standard 350hp. Along the way many parts have been replaced from the conrods, pistons and manifold to a much stronger turbo to help produce the additional power; and with that of course the second stage intake to feed in much more air. Equally a new intercooler is fitted in the lower section of the front grille with a Race Red Mountune logo to match the car - the only hint from the outside of what lies within.

Setting off initially from London in the brand new arrival of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, we head towards Mountune with Shmarc150 at the wheel and my first time shotgun. Then though it's time for an introduction to the work that's been done as well as a run through of what you can do with Mountune's Mtune module before taking it out for a first drive to experience the transformation!

Both the Red RS and the GTC4Lusso will be joining my other cars on display at the Amsterdam Motorshow IAMS and you can get your tickets here:

For more about Mountune:

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 31 Mar. 2019


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