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First BMW M8 Trip Home! Something is Leaving the Garage

Let's bring the BMW M8 home to London for the first time! Before heading out from the Nurburgring, the Ford GT needs to be parked up, then there's an Autobahn run before getting back with some news about a Shmeemobile that's going to be departing from the garage.

The BMW M8 Shmeemobile has already managed to cover 6,000km but in that time it hasn't ever yet been to the UK so the first major adventure brings it via the Eurotunnel to the garage in London. Setting off from a very busy Nurburgring, there's chance for a quick Autobahn stretch up to 280km/h (174mph) before heading through Belgium, France and onwards to the train under the Channel to England.

However, there's a departure to discuss, my Toyota GR Supra is going for sale. With some other opportunities available and considering the current situation, something has to give and upon feedback from you guys, the Shquad, the Supra came across as the Shmeemobile with the least following and interest. There may be another departure to follow, it's something I need to consider, as I look to making a private garage happen!

In other news, having been nervous about it, my Ferrari GTC4Lusso is still running properly. I was worried it might yet again have some battery issues but great to see that's not the case.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 25 Jul. 2020

Make: BMW


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