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FINISHING TOUCHES! My Shelby GT500 is Complete with Iconic Stripes

My Shelby GT500 is ready with the stripes and finishing touches complete! The Grabber Lime paintwork has been protected using the brand new SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film, and now it's time to add the iconic Shelby racing stripes using Altered Black PPF, plus a surprise twist.

Having brought my new Shmeemobile to First Class Autosports in Miami a few days ago, work has been swiftly progressing to install PPF ahead of the big Where's Shmee: US Edition tour. With all of my PPF'd cars at home having SunTek film installed, for the GT500 it's receiving the latest material and in fact one of the first cars in the world to get SunTek Reaction PPF. The new material mixes the traditional benefits of PPF from stone chips, swirl marks, self-healing and being easier to wash, with now also offering a top surface with ceramic coating like hydrophobic qualities.

SunTek Altered Black PPF is not a vinyl but a urethane material applied as per transparent PPF, that offers a paint-like finish and suits the job perfectly for either additional parts like the roof, mirrors or racing stripes, or even a full vehicle transformation. In this case, the result is akin to having ordered the $10,000 painted racing stripes!

Find SunTek authorised PPF Dealers using the locator here:

More info about SunTek Altered Black PPF:

You can also follow SunTek directly via their pages:

Also thanks to First Class Autosports for their work:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:06 Progress
02:20 Stripes Plan
03:34 PPF Installation
05:09 Measuring Stripes
06:15 Front Stripes
08:02 Rear Stripes
10:33 Additional Detail
12:25 Job Complete
14:30 Wrap-up

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added on 17 Feb. 2021

Make: Shelby


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