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Ferrari SP38 Deborah - How Do You Buy a Special Project Ferrari?

The latest one-off from Ferrari comes in the form of the SP38 Deborah, a creation based on the 488 GTB drawing inspirations from the F40 and 308 GTB. With a blank cheque being written to make them happen, what exactly is the programme and how do you get to buy one of these?

Let's take a look over the new SP38 Deborah and run over what exactly it is before diving more into the Special Projects division from Ferrari. Why do they make these cars and who gets to buy them? How does the process then work when you are lucky enough to be involved and purchase one?

In any case, the 38th Special Project is a very, very good looking one; let's hope for more like this in the future!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 26 May 2018

Make: Ferrari


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