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Driving My Mercedes SLS Black Series for the FIRST TIME!!

It's time to get behind the wheel and take my Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series for the first drive! After collecting the car from Germany with my G63 and trailer, until registration is complete I can only drive it on the roads to a test centre, so let's get that done and prepare it to wear a UK plate officially. You can bet it's exactly what I hoped it would be!

Having bought a left hand drive SLS Black Series in Germany, from Schaltkulisse near Munich, the plan was to bring it over and officially go through the import process to ultimately have it on a UK license plate as part of the permanent Shmeemobiles collection. To do this involves a few steps, but crucially the insurance coverage for the car only allows it to be driven to locations involved in the process until the paperwork is complete, meaning a first outing for me in my very own SLS AMG Black Series - my dream car that's now in the garage!

The process involves a number of things, physical changes to the headlights and fog lights, while also ensuring the dashboard is in mph. Of course it must then go through IVA to check all other boxes and standards of road worthiness including the MOT test. To do so, my friend Chris from The Car Finders helped make all of the arrangements with My Car Import so that this could be done as swiftly as possible.

You might be wondering why not buy a RHD car, and the short story is that they cost hundreds of thousands more than the equivalent spec LHD version. I intend to do a decent amount of driving on a full tour around the USA and also to events and activities across Europe with it, so LHD is ideal - plus for collecting long term it doesn't really make too much difference.

Fortunately the car goes through the test with flying colours and is immediately ready to be properly registered as soon as the paperwork is returned and can then be driven more thoroughly.

The Car Finders:

My Car Import:

NOTE: This video was filmed prior to the outbreak of the crisis in Europe. The actions and behaviour you see may appear unusual due to new border restrictions, self distancing, and other health and safety measures and recommendations that have since been put in place. It is published to entertain and distract from the gloominess of the current situation. Best wishes go out to everybody who is affected by this global crisis and thoughts are always with you, especially during these trying times. Thank you for your support.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 26 Mar. 2020

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