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DRAG RACE: McLaren 675LT vs AMG GT R vs Aston Martin GT8

It's time to put the Shmeemobiles head to head in a drag race! To celebrate Carwow joining the 1 million subscriber club, I joined them at the runway for some races which included a chance to put three of mine up against one another: the McLaren 675LT Spider, Mercedes-AMG GT R and Aston Martin Vantage GT8! So, let's go, which will win?

To pilot the cars I am joined by BenzeneBen and Joe Achilles, where we have an open stretch of approximately 1/4 mile to put the three cars alongside one another for the race you've all been asking for. Perhaps the results are reasonably predictable but then it's certainly interesting in the way they go about it. All three cars are powered by V8 engines but with a number of variations between their setups in terms of position, gearbox and roofs.

A huge congratulations to Mat and the team at Carwow on reaching 1 million subscribers and a thanks to them for the opportunity to join on a number of videos you may have seen over on their channel:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 15 Sep. 2018


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