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Double Ferrari LaFerrari Trouble in Beverly Hills!

It's not every day that you're in a Ferrari LaFerrari, let alone chasing ANOTHER LaFerrari through Beverly Hills! I met up with @lifeofferrari to check out his fantastic Ferrari man cave before taking out the LaFerraris for a blast and cruise together around Los Angeles.

Starting off from the garage, we can take a look at my personal favourite - the stunning Pininfarina Sergio! One of just six in the world, and the only blue one it also has a few unique touches. The collection continues with the likes of the 288 GTO, De Tomaso Pantera, and plenty more rare and special cars. However, we're here primarily to check out the pair of LaFerraris and take them out for a photoshoot organised by Amber from GI Automotive Group.

To get under way, I jump into the LaFerrari coupe driven by Amber to drive through LA with the Aperta leading the way - there are definitely worse ways to get around! With a run up the famous Rodeo Drive and back, sadly I had to say farewell to the cars but what a fun evening and opportunity to check out the collection and enjoy the ride.

A big thanks goes to @lifeofferrari for the opportunity to ride in the car and also to Amber of GI Automotive Group for putting the shoot together - please give them both a follow!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 11 Sep. 2018

Make: Ferrari


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