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Does the New Toyota Supra Live Up to the Hype? | PRE DRIVE

The new Toyota Supra is one of the most eagerly anticipated cars of recent time, with a huge amount of hype surrounding it. Let's find out what it's going to be like to drive at Jarama for a track test event with the camouflaged A90 Supra prototype.

Developed in partnership with BMW, the mkV version of the Supra packs an inline 6 with around 340hp and over 300nm of torque, all to the rear wheels with an 8spd ZF gearbox, in a car that comes as a very balanced and even setup. It's pitched firmly as being created to be the ideal sportscar and you get those intentions at the wheel.

With Toyota fully on boarding the Gazoo Racing devision and incorporating what they learn at the WEC and WRC, their future is very exciting. One criticism that applies to the market in general is with regards to sound restrictions. You'll notice inside the car it's very loud, however as the cars flyby they are almost unheard with very little exhaust note - this is sadly the way it's going due to regulations and the new filters installed by law in Europe. Therefore, the only solution is to generate the sound internally - not ideal!

However during the day we can walkaround the car to take in the details they have released, go for a drive to experience it, and also have hot laps with Abbie Eaton on track and get hurtled sideways by Fredric Aasbø for some drifting.

Overall the car leaves good impressions but there's more yet to discover so let's follow the story as cars soon go on sale ahead of deliveries in mid 2019.

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added on 21 Sep. 2018

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