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DAMAGED IT!? How Bad is My AMG GT Black Series' Paint After 25,000 Miles

Let's discover if PPF has saved the expensive paint job on my AMG GT Black Series! I resprayed it to my favourite AMG Solarbeam, a notoriously impossible paint colour to match, but have since driven 25,000 miles and therefore we want to restore it back to perfection. It's time to find out...

Paint Protection Film carries a number of benefits; from reducing the damage of stone chips, to keeping the car easier to clean and avoiding swirl marks, to protection even from actual light accident damage. However, after driving 25,000 miles / 40,000km, with countless supercar rallies and convoys, plus heading to all sorts of countries like the UAE, USA and Romania, there are plenty of chips to investigate and ideally restore to former glory.

We get started at The Shmuseum with a visit from Topaz Mobile, who have recently launched with a fleet of state-of-the-art vans equipped with heated, filtered water ready and the latest Topaz Car Care products. This is exactly what I've been waiting for in recent years to maintain the collection going forwards and over the moon that this service has finally arrived.

This is the first go for me, but you can bet there will be continuous visit going forward. You can find out more with my link here:

However, we're then on the road over to @TopazDetailing HQ for a catch up with Nabil after a preparation wash, to inspect the GT Black Series and really look into what it's like. While it's a car to drive and enjoy, it's also great to keep it in perfect shape for the future. Having spent significant money to paint it in my choice of colour, obviously I care about it looking good and after many of the big adventures are complete, it's time to bring it back to full former glory.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:54 Topaz Mobile at The Shmuseum
03:20 AMG GT Black Series to Topaz
04:56 Topaz Signature Wash
06:30 GT BS Damage Update
08:05 Inspection with Nabil
16:32 PPF Removal
20:14 Heading to Topaz Hatfield
20:54 Installing PPF on My 296 GTS
24:59 Moving The Shmuseum
27:41 Wrap Up

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added on 22 Sep. 2023


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