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COPS, COPS and MORE COPS! Gumball 3000 Causing Chaos

I've never seen so many cops on one drive! Gumball 3000 gets underway from Atlanta for day 5, heading to Miami, with a checkpoint inside the stadium of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, it's the police who steal the day, with countless stops and fines for the Gumballers...

Having set off only a few days ago from Toronto, Canada, we've made our way via the Indy500 to Nashville, and then onwards to Atlanta yesterday via Talladega Superspeedway. Today, is the longest day of the 2022 rally from Toronto to Miami, the penultimate day, and a 720 mile drive from Atlanta down to Miami via Tampa.

The overwhelming difference to any previous leg is simply the number of police waiting at the side of the highway! It's almost unbelievable how much the Georgia cops are everywhere, waiting to catch Gumballers having a little bit too much fun on the drive. With a route scheduled to take about 11 hours, with checkpoints and fuel stops in addition, it's a long slog down to The Guitar Hotel in Ft Lauderdale (Miami) where we arrive to a fabulous reception.

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Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:58 Grid Start
03:35 Mega Traffic Jam
05:30 So Many Police...
10:57 Made it to Florida
15:08 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium
20:10 Back on the Road
23:58 Fuel Trouble
28:42 Arriving in Miami
29:58 Grid Arrival
30:50 Compulsory Donuts
31:12 Day 5 Wrap Up

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added on 2 Jun. 2022


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