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Citroen AMI review | Driving the new electric city car, at 28mph | Autocar

Things to note: the Citroen AMI isn't technically a car at all. The new AMI is in fact a heavy quadricycle which means, in some European countries, you can drive it from as young as 14 and without a driving licence. But not in the UK.

That might not matter because, unlike the Renault Twizy (and remember the G-Wiz?) this left-hand drive city runabout might not go on sale in the UK at all. If you want it brought here, you'll have to register your interest with Citroen.

But either way it's a cool thing. It's very small, to comply with quadricycle regulations, and is only allowed a top speed of 28mph. It's electric, with a 5.5kWh battery and a stunning 8bhp. Yes, eight. No, that isn't a typo.

Made in a new factory in Morocco, the Citroen AMI, developed from the even cuter AMI ONE concept, is intended for use around cities where it'll have a range of around 40 miles and has a charge time from a domestic socket of approximately three and a half hours.

It has two seats, no opening boot, and costs £6000 or thereabouts in France, after a local clean-car rebate has been applied. And we've tried it in the UK. Join us for a test of one of the most novel 'cars' of 2020 right here.

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added on 17 Dec. 2020

Make: Citroen


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