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Let's take a first look and walkaround of the brand new Bugatti Divo as it is revealed to the world! Only 40 cars are being built in total, at a cost of €5 million plus taxes, but before the covers are even removed they have all been sold.

Bugatti chose to launch the brand new model at The Quail during Car Week, presenting their most agile and sporty model to date. Based fundamentally around the Bugatti Chiron, the Divo introduces a radically more aggressive design with a character which is one of more sporty driving and agility. Powered by the familiar 8l quad-turbo W16, it boasts 1500hp and 1600nm with the weight now reduced by 35kg and the downforce raised by 90kg.

With CEO Stephan Winkleman doing the honours to announce the car to the world, he brings some of that ethos from his previous role at Lamborghini in building limited series special edition models. After a successful run with 450 Veyron units, and having already delivered over 100 of the 500 Chirons, the Divo is the most exclusive number at just 40 cars in total.

Join me as I take a complete walkaround of the car to discuss its features and changes on both the exterior and interior, including the aerodynamic and design elements. What do you think of the latest model to come from Molsheim?

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added on 25 Aug. 2018

Make: Bugatti


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