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Chasing the $100m Pagani Rally in My Ford GT!

I took my Ford GT to Sardinia to find and chase $100m of Pagani's on the Raduno! A huge gathering of cars including the Zonda Cinque, Zonda 760, Huayra BC, and new Huayra Roadster all headed to the island for the 20th anniversary rally of Pagani. With the opportunity to head to some of my favourite roads, and join 27 Paganis, it seemed worth the craziness to catch the ferry over for just one day, and it certainly didn't disappoint!

The adventure started by catching the "Wonder Woman" ferry over from Genova, Italy to Sardinia with the objective then to link up with the rally heading to visit the stunning Isola di Maddalena. Along the way we take in some amazing roads before arriving for the next ferry, just moments behind the Pagani convoy and sadly having to wait for the next.

It isn't long though until we're in the right place and the convoy comes by and we join in to take in the works of art and beauty of the cars in the Raduno. The drive takes us to a picturesque location with all of the cars lined up to admire and be taken in.

For the second part of my Sardinia adventure, I wanted to head back to the SS389, one of my favourite roads I've ever driven previously in my Cayman GT4 and Vantage GT8. I'm working with Ultimate Drives and you can check out their app and more details to help discover some amazing roads near you and around the world here:

An exhausting day but a phenomenal one, only 10 hours or so in Sardinia but truly worth every moment!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 30 May 2019


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