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Chasing DOUBLE McLaren P1s in a 900hp Ryft 720S!

I was not expecting a pair of McLaren P1s to come to the Supercars Majlis drive! I'm at the wheel of @bu_mayood's insane 900hp Ryft McLaren 720S while we get on the roads for a drive to the desert in Dubai.

The McLaren 720S from @bu_mayood is no ordinary 720S, with a Ryft carbon fibre body kit including splitter, canards, skirts and rear spoiler. It's also currently fitted with an FI Exhaust that makes the most monstrous shift bangs with accompanying fireballs while the 4.0l twin turbo V8 makes a moderately insane 900hp.

After kicking off from Bentley Emirates and collecting a new facelift Bentayga, we're heading to the Emarat fuel station to group of with the other members of Supercars Majlis. Meeting with an amazing line-up including two Ferrari 488s, two Porsche Turbo S and more, before we're then joined by a fabulous pair of McLaren P1s as well! Not only that, but coincidentally one of the only Shelby GT500s in the UAE at Auto Land Motors heads on by making quite the V8 noise. We're then on the road with around 20 cars for a drive into the desert, and what a drive it is!

Special thanks to the team from Supercars Majlis for the amazing convoy drive, and to my friend @bu_mayood for letting me take the wheel of his crazy McLaren 720S!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:45 Ryft 720S
02:10 First Drive
05:03 The Group
07:29 Convoy
13:22 Arrival
15:32 Conclusion

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Credits Shmee150
added on 8 Jan. 2021

Make: McLaren


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