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Cars With Terrible Names | Window Shop with Car and Driver | EP112

Welcome to Window Shop! For this week's challenge, our crack team of automotive experts find the the cars with the worst names for $50,000. See the answers from Tony Quiroga, Elana Scherr, John Pearley Huffman, K.C. Colwell, and Joey Capparella.

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00:00 Intro
01:59 John Pearley Huffman, Studebaker Dictator
06:36 Elana Scherr, Dodge Dart Swinger
15:16 Joey Capparella, Ford EcoSport
19:28 K.C. Colwell, Fisker Karma
26:59 Tony Quiroga, Pontiac LeMans
31:05 Voting
37:54 Winner

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Credits Car and Driver
added on 7 Jul. 2023


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