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Carfection Awards 2018: FtLoC 19 - Carfection

It's the end of the year so Join Henry and Drew as they give out some awards to all the best things they've driven, seen and done in 2018.
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1:11 Favourite Shoot

3:57 Best Haircut

4:32 Best Hot Hatch

5:47 Creepiest Line

6:54 Concept of the Year

7:58 Best Brakes

9:13 Best Engine

10:25 Best Animal in a Film

12:18 Best Person

13:36 Motorsport Moment

16:08 Best Double Watch Moment

16:59 Porsche 911 of the Year

18:29 SUV of the Year

19:37 Long Termer of the Year

20:00 Best T-shirt

20:58 Best Location/Driving Road

22:50 Favourite New Car

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Credits Carfection
added on 25 Dec. 2018


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