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CAR SWAP at Topaz! McLaren Senna for Ford GT

It's time to collect the Ford GT from Topaz with full PPF installed, and in the mean time drop off the McLaren Senna to get started too! That means driving both back to back, plus bringing in the 675LT Spider for an update, and going to collect the Vantage GT8 from its service - a busy day with lots of excitement!

Kicking off from the garage, BenzeneBen joins me to take the McLaren Senna and 675LT Spider over to Topaz for some work to be done. Having finished at Autosport, it's fair to say that the Senna is a complete mess and in dire need of a clean and preparation, and the 675LT has some really interesting updates after 2.5 years and 12k miles in terms of how well it has kept up.

We drive both cars over together to Topaz, the first time on the move in convoy, and also one of the first times driving the Senna on the road in daylight - and it still feels totally unreal! It's then a catch up with Nabil at Topaz to talk about what's going to happen next to each of them before going to head inside and see the completed Ford GT.

After a multi-stage detail and full paint protection film installation, the Ford GT is looking absolutely fantastic - even better than new! Of course I've driven it before but always very gently and slow due to not having PPF installed but this is now an opportunity for me to stretch the legs and head outside of the city centre to get a little more feel for what it's like. The first stop is actually Grange Aston Martin Welwyn to collect the Vantage GT8 that's been in for its 2nd annual service after 6 months on the clock. Upon return then back at the garage let's take a look at my new number plate plinth that's been built for the car - huge thanks to those involved in making that!

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added on 19 Jan. 2019


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