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It's confirmed, a Lamborghini Huracan STO is joining the Shmeemobiles! I am finally buying my first Lambo, and what a car the STO is going to be. Join me in Dubai to take my first look at the newest raging bull in person!

Having launched a few months ago, Lamborghini have been sending the STO around the world to be shown to customers via their network and by complete luck I've managed to catch the car in the Middle-East after it has been displayed in Saudi Arabia, but before it flies back to Italy. A huge thanks goes to Lamborghini Middle East and the team at CARS who made it possible to share a quick look and listen to the car with you, having brought it over in one of their new enclosed trailers.

The Huracan STO is the most hardcore variant of the popular V10 supercar, which itself received a refresh 2 years ago with the launch of the Huracan EVO. Taking the 5.2l NA V10 from the Performante, the EVO brought in a host of new technologies along with a flurry of models including the EVO RWD that I recently drove and was thoroughly impressed by. Now though, the STO starts from that base and strips away some weight, massively dials up the aero and introduces a series of race technologies to truly make it at home on the track.

With a power output of 640hp and 585Nm, the STO deliveries it all to the rear wheels via a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. Crucially though this is a car for the track, with radical bodywork taken from the Super Trofeo racecar, along with huge aero thanks to a large adjustable rear wing and a shark fin over the engine bay cover, and the Cofango up front - a folding forwards single clam over the nose of the car.

Why this car for a Shmeemobile? Because it's as crazy as a Lamborghini should be, a car that is guaranteed to offer an awesome driving experience and be something very special, with a V10 soundtrack to die for. I cannot wait to bring you along for the journey with this Shmeemobile, and again a huge thanks to Lamborghini and CARS for the possibility to see this car myself!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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