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Buying a 2005 Ford GT for My Collection? To Join My New GT

Would the first generation Ford GT be a great addition to the Shmeemobiles? With my growing collection of Fords in the Shmeemobiles, I've often thought about adding the original GT to my new GT, Shelby GT500 and Heritage Focus RS. Let's go for a test drive!

During this tour, I've been really looking forward to getting behind the wheel again of an original Ford GT; launched in 2004 to celebrate Ford's 100th anniversary, and of course the middle-step generation between the original 1960s GT40 and the more recent second generation GT. I last drove one quite a number of years ago but it always stuck with me as a possible addition to the garage in future.

Safe to say that prices have increased since the car first launched, commanding almost double the original list price to find one now. However, this particular example that belongs to a close friend of mine is a great spec in the white and blue paint, with "all 4" of the factory options; paint stripes, painted calipers, sound system and upgrade wheels.

While the new GT features a lightning fast dual clutch linked to a twin turbo V6, the previous is totally different with a manual gearbox and a supercharged V8. Visually there are a lot of similarities in the design, but the 05/06 is much more a comfortable daily driver or grand tourer, whereas the 17 is all about the race track and success story at the 24hrs of Le Mans.

It's not the most powerful car in the world, but it's certainly a very emotive car to drive with huge amounts of engagement in the experience. From a collection standpoint, there's a big appeal in how it could fit in my line-up so it's certainly one for me to watch in the future.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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04:37 Test Drive
12:22 Interior
15:37 Wrap Up

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added on 5 Apr. 2021

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