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Brexit is BAD NEWS for My Ferrari!

For the first time in 3 months I'm reunited with my Ferrari GTC4Lusso for a blast to let the V12 sing! However, it's not all good news as the supercar market is currently having a crunch and Brexit means bad news for cars just like this, so what's going on?

Knowing I'd be away for months in the USA with the Ford GT and then some travels around Europe, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso has been in the hands of my dad as it's his favourite of my cars and it's also not ideal to leave a car like this parked and not drive it. With the sunshine out though, it's great to be out in the countryside and back with the car for a very quick reminder of what's so brilliant about this unique proposition from Ferrari, and in particular that 6.3l naturally aspirated V12.

However, as is quickly becoming well documented, the supercar industry in the UK and further afield is currently experiencing a very significant reset. Values are quickly dropping on everything from rare classics to the latest limited edition supercars, and any luxury car available feels the pinch from that too. What does this then mean for my car collection, and cars like my Ferrari going forwards from here? Let's have some thoughts about this in a Fuel For Thought blast out in the car to enjoy it along the way.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 22 Sep. 2019

Make: Ferrari


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