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BMW v Mercedes v Audi v VW: Which luxury small car is BEST?

When it comes to luxurious small family cars, it doesn’t get better than the Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Volkswagen Golf.

The question is if you’re in the market for a car such as this, which should you go for? Well thankfully Mat’s got his hands on all four and he’s going to put them all to the test!

So let’s take a look at how the four compare. Starting with the Mercedes, it’s recently had a mid-life facelift, so it comes with a few changes compared to the original 2018 release. There’s a redesigned lower bumper, a bigger grille, and a new steering wheel on the inside. Apart from the clearly fake exhausts around the back, it looks pretty smart, and the infotainment & digital dial display is easily the best of the four cars here. When it comes to price, the range kicks off at £32,000.

Next up we have the Audi, which comes with a cheaper starting price than the Mercedes, at £27,000. When it comes to the design it looks pretty smart from the outside, with a huge grille up front which is flanked by two sharp, well-designed headlights. There are creases around the side, and it looks relatively plain around the back. Step inside and although the infotainment system is quite good, there are lots of scratchy plastics to be found throughout the cabin.

The BMW’s next in line, and it has one thing no other cars here have - real exhaust tips on show! All-in-all the 1 Series looks quite smart on the outside, although we’re not a fan of the grille up front Thankfully though the interior quality makes up for this, with high-quality materials found throughout the cabin along with a high-quality infotainment system on the dash. However, the same can’t be said for the digital dials, which seem a bit basic and dark. When it comes to price, the 1 Series kicks off at around £28,000.

Then finally we have the cheapest car here, with the Golf range starting at around £26,500. On the outside, it’s unmistakably a Golf, and although we really like the design around the rear and side, we think the front end could be the worst-looking of the four cars here! Thankfully the interior looks really smart and clean, but these looks come at a price, with nearly all functionality coming through the infotainment screen… What’s so wrong with physical buttons?!

So can you pick a winner, or are the four too evenly matched? Let us know which you would pick in the comments, or stick around and join Mat for this all-new group test!

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00:31 Prices
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04:24 Interiors
08:13 Back Seats
11:06 Boots
13:47 Driving - VW Golf
15:13 Driving - Audi A3
16:31 Driving - BMW 1 Series
17:55 Driving - Mercedes A-Class
19:04 Verdict

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added on 3 Jul. 2023


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