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BMW 220i Coupe - Full Review: The Cheapest REAL BMW | Carfection 4K

It seems like BMW isn't feeling themselves lately but the new 2-series is a return to form for the brand. The Ultimate Driving machine? It could very well be!

Small, rear-wheel-drive coupes is what BMW have built their reputation on and it sometimes seems like they've forgotten that fact. Can the new 2-series recapture the magic of the 2002 and E30 M3 in the modern age?

Alex Goy drives the new 220i (the best selling of the 2-series of the outgoing generation) on track and is pleasantly surprised by how playful it is.

It is based on the same platform found in the 4-series. It’s not just a microwave reheated 4-series though. It utilises a shorter wheelbase and bespoke suspension to give it a more playful character. Better suited to spirited driving on country roads.

The 220i uses a turbo charged four-cylinder that produces 184 horsepower and 300Nm of torque.
It achieves a 0-63mph time of 7.5s. Top speed: 146mph.

Suspension geometry is the same across the 2-series coupe variants including the range topping M240i. Overall, the 2-series coupe gives enough of a hint that the upcoming M2 will be something worth getting excited for.

And we finally have WIRELESS Android and Apple CarPlay!

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Credits Carfection
added on 21 Apr. 2022

Make: BMW


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