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BIG GAINS! My Tuned RENNtech R1 SLS Black Series on the Dyno

The gains from the RENNtech R1 package for my SLS AMG Black Series are even more impressive than we expected! Both the horsepower and torque are up by a surprising amount, and the sound under full loud on the dyno is something incredible to hear, but then the downshifts.... is there a better sound than this?!

Two months ago, upon arrival in Germany we took my SLS Black Series in its totally stock form to the dyno at REM to discover how much power it made. Officially claiming an output from the 6.2l naturally aspirated V8 of 631hp and 635Nm, we were disappointed that the results were approximately 50hp and 40Nm down from where they should have been, but this is where RENNtech come in.

There are two aspects, the first was taking the decision to order the parts for the full RENNtech R1 package and the second to ascertain where the losses are being caused in the system. With the latter still to be discovered, step one has been the installation of new headers, 200-cell sports-cats and an ECU tune which not only makes the car sound incredible but has also significantly increased the power output.

With a claimed gain from the R1 package of 44hp and 43Nm, the results are impressive as they take it even higher! The final figures from the dyno run on the same machine and circumstances following the RENNtech upgrades are 636hp and 653Nm; up both 57hp and 69Nm in total.

The good news is that these take us back slightly above the official factory output but we do still have the discovery to make as to why it's down to begin with. Part of that is potentially to do with the resonators at the back end of the system, which is something we'll be removing to investigate in full when there's an opportunity to do so.

Thanks as always to Lukas and the team at RENNtech Europe, great guys and always doing a fantastic job with everything!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 1 Aug. 2020


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