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Bentley Continental GT V8 vs. BMW 850i xDrive—2019 BDC Hot Lap Matchup

For 2019 we’re changing things up. Why watch one hot lap when you can see two at once!?! Nothing says, “Look at my wallet!” in quite the same way as a big, fat luxury coupe. In many ways and to many people, they are the ultimate expression of success and prestige. While that’s all fine and good, we’re only interested in one thing: which big, old GT can Randy Pobst rock around Laguna Seca quicker? The 550hp 2020 Bentley? Or the 526hp 2019 8 Series? You might not think a BMW matches up to a Bentley and if we’re just going by price, it sure doesn’t. However, aside from similar power levels, each coupe features all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. This one might be closer than you think. Or not. Watch and find out! #BestDriversCar #BMW #Bentley

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added on 29 Jan. 2020


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