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Audi SQ2 - Road Review: Can The Everyday Audi Still Be Fun? | Carfection 4K

Since crossover SUVs are here to say, why not have fun with them? The Audi SQ2 proves that it is more than capable of bringing practicality and performance in a package that doesn't shout about it. Understated is Audi's expertise, after all. But is Alex Goy convinced? Alex also has a message for #CarTwitter

It is built on the same MQB platform that is widely used across VWs lineup such as the Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, Seat Leon and Volkswagen Tiguan, to name a few. However, this being an Audi means that it is privy to some luxuries that set it apart from the rest. Luxury, performance and practicality seems to be the goal here. Find out how it all comes together in Alex Goy's review.

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Credits Carfection
added on 8 Apr. 2022

Make: Audi


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