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Audi RS7: Everything You Need To Know About, V10s, E-Tron Performance Hybrids And More | Carfection

If the Audi RS6 is The Best then the Audi RS7 is The Beauty. Henry Catchpole caught up with the Head of Audi Sport to find out more.
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his here is the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant, and it is awesome. This sport wagon is powered by a four liter twin turbo charged mile to hybrid V8 engine. That makes 592 horsepower and 590 pound [UNKNOWN] torque With the sport quattro all-wheel drive system and eight-speed automatic transmission this longboy is able to rocket from 0 to 62 in just 3.6 seconds and up to 124 in just 12. From there it goes on to a speed of 190 mph. This bad boy is a sensible supercar Keeping it planted is an advanced adaptive suspension presumably powered by that 48 volt system and hauling it to a stop at the end of one hundred ninety mile per hour run our massive carbon ceramic brakes and visually the IRS 6 is probably the most aggressive take on a sport wagon that we've seen today and it's coming to America. Amazingly. But if you can't stomach the wagon form factor, there's also the Audi RS7, which packs all of the same hardware in a more streamline Sportback design. Both of those cars are gonna be proud members of the $100,000 club, coming in at around 108 grand when they reach dealerships in America sometime in mid-2020. For more details about both cars, you should head over to theroadshow.com, where we've got even more pictures and specifications. You should check out the rest of our coverage of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show while you're there.

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added on 12 Sep. 2019

Make: Audi


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