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Aston Martin VULCAN AMR PRO! Onboard the Insane Track Hypercar

The Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro is officially epic! My expectations were high, and it did not disappoint. The Vulcan is a super exclusive track only hypercar, and this one is particularly special and one of very few that sees such serious driving. What a ride!

Undoubtedly one of their coolest cars of all time, Aston Martin only made a total of 24 Vulcans, of which a handful have been upgraded to the Vulcan AMR Pro specification including this car. This specific one is in a bespoke paint and is actually the only car to have a painted livery over the top, actually with the white being the same colour as the Aston Martin One-77 from the same collection.

Powered by a 7.0 litre naturally aspirated V12 that produces 831hp and 780Nm, combined with a side exit unrestricted exhaust, creates the most fabulous of exhaust notes. Being a car built only for the race track it doesn't have to follow traditional road regulations and as such runs on slick tyres, has incredible bodywork, and the open exhaust for a full V12 soundtrack. The gearbox is also a 6-speed sequential, right at home with some ferocious shifts during the laps.

The project was originally born out of the idea to make a track going variant of the One-77 but very much evolved into its own thing. After taking a quick look around it, before climbing on board, I can confirm that the Vulcan AMR Pro is a truly spectacular machine!

A huge thanks to the owner of the Vulcan who wishes to remain private, for this fabulous opportunity to jump onboard for some laps on track.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:40 Walkaround
02:44 Interior
03:48 Engine Bay
04:39 Onboard
10:14 Return
12:13 Wrap Up

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added on 7 Apr. 2021

Make: Aston Martin


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