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AMG DAY! My GT R Pro is Delivered in Germany

My AMG GT R Pro has been delivered to Germany in order to complete the running in process and finally get it into action! With a day of AMG updates, the SLS Black Series also now gets the long-awaited correct badges, and I have some news about my AMG GT R Roadster arriving soon. It's busy but exciting!

The Pro has been brought out to Germany ahead of some action; to complete the running in process and get it out onto the Nurburgring for some fun, exactly as the car was built to do. Delivered by transporter with Lee, a co-director of Little Legends and main man of Duntbarn Logistics, the car is offloaded to take it over to RENNtech in order to get to work on the small things to the SLS Black Series.

Having blasted up the Autobahns in the SLS, and met up with perfect timing to unload the GT R Pro, the next stop is over to RENNtech to finally install the correct AMG Black Series badges - something that has been hard to track down. In addition, I also made the decision to install a new front splitter piece to look tidier than the former and slightly worn example.

Also after my recent visit with the SLS BS to RENNtech to discuss the plans ahead and put it on a dyno for a stock reading before we make changes, there was a lot of discussion as to why it was down on power, reading only 582hp when it was 631hp from new. Many assumptions were made including whether this was down to mistakenly measuring the wheel hp not crank hp, but that's not the case and a full explanation from Lukas at RENNtech Europe can answer some of these questions.

I've made no secret of my desire to add a Solarbeam Yellow car to the garage at some point, and conveniently a Solarbeam GT R Pro is at RENNtech, which alongside my Mystic Blue SLS Black Series make for quite a pair. Imagine what a Solarbeam GT Black Series would look like in future...

However, the biggest news until last, my AMG GT R Roadster has been built and will be ready for collection as soon as I'm back home, all being well of course. I can't wait because it's caught me totally by surprise, I expected some big delays and not to see the car until later in the year. This trio of AMG mid-engined sports GTs is certainly making for an exciting setup in the Shmeemobiles line-up!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 23 Jun. 2020


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