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Alfa Romeo 4C, Geneva 2013 Motor Show

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Alfa Romeo has unveiled the production ready 4C at Geneva 2013. Thankfully very little has changed since we first saw the 4C in concept form. To same you the time closely comparing, we did and all we can see is the only discernable differences are slight changes the head lights and tail lamps and new wing mirrors. The 232bhp, 1.7-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine (a tweaked version of the one found in the Guilietta Cloverleaf) sits in the middle of a freshly developed carbon fibre tub. Despite having a usually heavy twin-clutch 'box, the 4C will weigh in under the magic 1000kg mark.

At around the £50,000 mark, the Alfa Romeo 4C will do battle with the established class leading Porsche Boxster and agile Lotus Exige. But we think its modern materials and Italian good looks put it in with more than a fair chance for success. Expect it on the roads later this year with hotter track stuff appearing in 2014. We can't wait for go.

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added on 5 Mar. 2013

Make: Alfa Romeo
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