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A Bugatti Chiron Has Joined Gumball 3000!

The Gumball 3000 has arrived in Japan and we're joined by new cars for the next legs including a Bugatti Chiron, Touring Disco Volante, Nismo GT-R N Attack and more! Of course there's also the matter of picking up the car that I'll be driving in Japan too... The rally just keeps on giving!

Upon arrival in Osaka, the new entrants come to register and have their cars prepared for the upcoming days; that means installing the rally stickers but also an opportunity for us to visit the Gumball garage for Japan. While the cars that had been flown over from Bologna were stored in a hangar by the airport, the new arrivals at the hotel can be seen.

This Bugatti Chiron is the first to take part in a rally, doing so for this year's London to Tokyo on the Japanese side. Of course the car will be well known to you but this particular one is finished in a striking colour scheme that to my eyes works very well with the rally stickers.

For myself, it's a visit to Mercedes me Osaka to collect an AMG GT R! Yes it's a case of "The Beast or Nothing" and in Japan I'm driving a Beast of the Green Hell with thanks to Mercedes-Benz Japan. For me, having firmly decided that the GT R is one of the best possible Gumball 3000 cars, it could not be better than continuing this journey in the same style.

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Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 9 Aug. 2018

Make: Bugatti


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