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4x4 Garage Ep. 12: Cummins Heritage Center RAM Gets Upgraded | MotorTrend

Christian is back at Big Tire Garage where he and Ian are cracking into a rare piece of Cummins-Ram history. Since it was originally stuffed with a 12-valve Cummins 5.9L turbodiesel engine to help prove the feasibility of the concept, this 1989 W350 has been a workhorse for Cummins, most recently used to test its 5.9L 24-valve crate engine. Christian and Ian give it the 4x4 Garage treatment to serve as a support vehicle for the Cummins Heritage Center, installing a vintage service bed stocked with a Cummins generator and battery system to support vintage Cummins race vehicles, converting it back from its current 2WD to 4WD, upgrading the wheels and tires, and of course, tweaking the suspension and axles to allow it to fully support Cummins as it pays tribute to its history and technologically marches into the future.

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added on 23 Aug. 2023

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