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2019 French Car Commercial DS3 Electric SUV All About Style | Art | Fashion Citroën Electric SUV

2019 French Car Commercial Citroën DS3 Electric SUV DS 3 CROSSBACK DS E-TENSE Commercial Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV
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Pushing back the limits, Citroën DS 3 CROSSBACK is a vehicle of distinctive styling and exceptional proportions, available in 100% electric version Citroën DS E-TENSE, featuring exclusive technologies and unique refinement. Built on an all-new Platform, it opens new horizons in both technology and styling. Citroën DS 3 CROSSBACK is both a city car and a long-distance road car. Pushing conventions aside, it opts for spectacular technologies including Citroën DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, flush Citroën DS door handles that deploy automatically and a fully digital driving display. These avant-garde features go hand in hand with a sense of refined comfort, a rich array of safety equipment and driver assistance functions (like Citroën autonomous driving, level2) and unrivaled acoustic excellence. Elegant and attractive, DS 3 CROSSBACK is for all those looking for a car with instant appeal that is stylish and dynamic.
“DS 3 CROSSBACK fits perfectly into the second generation DS: technology leadership and unequalled sophistication. With the DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS Automobiles writes a new chapter in its history: electrification With E-TENSE version, DS 3 CROSSBACK is 100% electric, with no compromises over style and benefits”
Yves Bonnefont, CEO of DS Automobiles
Citroën DS 3 CROSSBACK offers a new and unique automobile experience, as Citroën DS 7 CROSSBACK.
It meets all the criteria for attracting and retaining a demanding clientele that is not prepared to trade features for size and compactness. Lovers of beautiful objects will be charmed by its sculptural design, the creativity of Citroën DS interiors and the care taken with even the smallest details. Avant-garde technologies give customers a driving experience characterized by comfort, well-being, peace of mind and pleasure, over all types of journey and for all types of use, whether they choose a standard internal-combustion engine or a completely electric model. DS 3 CROSSBACK is the essence of the DS: sophistication and technology, in a more compact frame. It marks a decisive stage in our deployment and growth as a Brand.”
Eric Apode, Senior Vice President for Products, DS Automobiles
DS 3 CROSSBACK is identifiable at first glance as a premium, compact SUV, with its well-proportioned length of 4.12m, broad on-road stance and large wheels (690mm, 18’’), as well as its ground clearance.
At the front, the DS WINGS form a finely chiselled setting for the sculpted, vertical lines of the emblematic DS grille. The DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) with their pearl-like vertical LEDs and the tapered headlights of the DS MATRIX LED VISION system (see page 6) suggest a contemporary edge and performance. An impression reinforced by the wide ribbed horizontal bonnet.
Attention-to-detail is a hallmark of the DS brand and is visible everywhere, starting with the vehicle exterior:
 non-visible weather-strip seals,
 elegant flush-fitting door handles,
 roof line is clean, with no visible antenna,
 roof and body in different colours,
 side shark fin,
 chrome-finished twin exhaust tailpipes (ICE engine models only).
The rear sits squarely on the road, its broad, powerful shoulders striking an evocative note of imposing style. It is also elegant with a high-tech rear light signature spanning the entire width through a strip featuring the CROSSBACK name.
Building on this level of insulation and to achieve the DS LOUNGE effect already offered by DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS engineers joined forces with French company FOCAL to work on the DS 3 CROSSBACK audio system. A long-established partner of the brand (with DS E-TENSE, DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS X E-Tense) with its ELECTRA® high-end signature, FOCAL worked with DS engineers and technicians to develop a Hi-Fi system with 12 loud speakers ideally positioned around the cabin – e.g. the tweeters are in the shark fins – for an overall power of 515 watts. The result is an exceptional immersive experience. The sound is well balanced, crisp, true to life for live, physical sound and real spatialisation of the sound stage, like an auditorium.

added on 7 Oct. 2018


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