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2013 Toyota Crown 8 Speed Athlete 4WD Royal JDM Japan Commercial Carjam TV Car TV Show 2013

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The fourteenth generation Crown was launched in December 2012 with new styling. Most aspects of the car can be controlled by Toyota Multi-Operation Touch panel. The Crown Royal is available with the 2.5 L 4GR-FSE V6 engine with a 6-speed automatic (RWD or 4WD) or the 2.5 2AR-FSE inline-4 with THS II (RWD only). The Crown Athlete has the same options but also has an optional 3.5 L 2GR-FSE V6 engine with an 8-speed automatic (RWD only).
The new Crown Is a more luxurious than lexus series, and is available in 5 different trim levels: the basic Crown Sedan; the Crown Royal series which is a more comfortable and luxurious car; the Crown Athlete series which takes the luxurious aspect of the Royal series but has more aggressive styling and sporty features; the Crown Majesta series which is larger and has more luxurious features than the Royal series; and the Crown Hybrid series which is a trim level designated for the hybrid V6 drivetrain. The Crown is one of the first vehicles to have a 3 Dimensional Satellite Navigation System coupled with G-BOOK and boasts many features that have not been developed by other luxury car makers. This system can adjust the damper firmness for corners based on map data and change transmission gear shift timings and engine braking for merging on and off highways and approaching tollbooths. The Crown Hybrid also features Night View with a pedestrian detection system. The Crown is set to rival the European BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-class, Audi A6 and the Japanese Honda Legend & Nissan Fuga. This is the longest and widest Crown to be built.

The Crown TRD has a engine of 4.6L(Used in Crown Majesta And Lexus LS) Charged with two Turbo having a power of 555 hp @6000 and 815Nm @2000-4500 of torque. The TRD crown has a acceleration 0-100 Km/h of 4.4 sec in sport mode.

The Crown Athlete has been tested to do 0--100 km/h in under 6 seconds, while the Crown Hybrid has been estimated to take 5.4 seconds due to the additional power of the hybrid motor. The mechanically similar Lexus GS 450H Hybrid (GWS191) outputs 253 kW (339 bhp).[citation needed]

The Crown hybrid concept was exhibited at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. In television commercials in Japan a song was written by composer John Harle titled "How should I my true love know?"
The Toyota Crown is a line of mid-size luxury sedans by Toyota. The range was primarily available in Japan and some other Asian countries. Throughout the Crown's production, there has always been available a minimal-content Crown in the sedan bodystyle platform used as a taxi, and in the mid 1990s, Toyota created an offshoot of the Crown sedan to serve specifically as a taxi, called the Toyota Comfort. The Crown also serves as a police car nationally, as well as transporting government officials at all levels.

In Japan, it is only available at Toyota Store dealership retail channels. The Crown is Toyota's oldest sedan still in production. It is outranked only by the Century and the Majesta in social status. The Crown is used by many Japanese companies as the company limousine. In many markets the Crown had become very expensive and was replaced by the Cressida in some international markets when it became available for export in the early 1980s. Most models are distinguishable by a unique "Crown" badge on the front grille, in place of the normal stylized 'T', but the normal Toyota badge is usually used on the rear.
The Crown was introduced in 1955, and Toyota subsequently used the "Crown" name as inspiration for their primary sedans, the Corolla which is Latin for "small crown", the Camry a phonetic transcription of the Japanese word kanmuri that means crown, and the Corona which is Spanish for crown.

added on 19 Nov. 2013

Make: Toyota


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