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2013 BMW Electric Car Commercial - 2013 Carjam TV HD Car TV Show

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As of March 2012, the world's top selling highway-capable electric cars are the Nissan Leaf, with more than 27,000 units sold worldwide by March 2012,[3] and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, with global cumulative sales of more than 17,000 units through October 2011. The i MiEV sales include units rebadged in France as Peugeot iOn and Citroën C-ZERO for sale in Europe.[4] Japan and the United States are the largest highway-capable electric car markets in the world, followed by several European countries. In Japan, more than 17,000 electric cars have been sold by March 2012, including 12,000 Leafs[165] and 5,000 i-MiEVs.[166] In the U.S. electric car sales are led by the Nissan Leaf with 11,426 units sold through March 2012.[167][168][169] As of March 2012, Norway had 6,357 registered electric cars,[170] the largest fleet of PEVs in Europe and the largest EV ownweship per capita in the world.[171][172] A total of 5,579 electric vehicles were sold in China during 2011, including passenger and commercial vehicles.[173]
A total of 2,240 cars were sold in Norway during 2011, up from 722 in 2010. Sales in 2011 were led by the Mitsubishi i-MiEV family with 1,477 electric cars including 1,050 i-MiEVs, 217 Peugeot iOns and 210 Citroën C-Zeros.[172] A total of 2,630 electric cars were registered in France in 2011, up from 184 units in 2010.[174] Also during 2010, around 1,200 non highway-capable PEVs were sold in the French market, including 406 heavy quadricycles and 796 utility vehicles.[175] Sales in the French market for 2011 were led by the Citroën C-Zero with 645 units followed by the Peugeot iOns with 639 vehicles, and the Bolloré Bluecar with 399 electric cars.[174] A total of 2,154 electric cars were sold in Germany through December 2011, increasing its registered fleet to 4,541 electric cars. Sales in the German market for 2011 were led by the Mitsubishi i-MiEV family with 683 i-MiEVs, 208 Peugeot iOns and 200 Citroen C-Zeros, representing 50.6% of all electric car sales in 2011.[176] Since 2006 a total of 1,096 electric cars have been registered in the U.K. through December 2010,[177] and a total of 1,082 units were sold during 2011, up from 138 units in 2010.[178] A total of 314 electric cars have been registered in Spain through November 2011,[179] 314 in Austria, 283 in Denmark, 269 in the Netherlands, 111 in Sweden and 103 in Italy through June 2011.[180]

There are also several pre-production models and plug-in conversions of existing internal combustion engine models undergoing field trials or are part of demonstration programs, such as the Volvo C30 DRIVe Electric, Honda Fit EV, and the RAV4 EV second generation. Other models scheduled for market launch in 2012 and 2013 include the Renault Twizy Z.E., Tesla Model S, Fiat 500 Elettra, Scion iQ EV,Volkswagen e-Up!, and BMW i3 and BMW i8.

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added on 16 Nov. 2013

Make: BMW


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