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1982 Honda CBX1000 Super Sport: Sixy Beast

Matthias Beier was a motorcycle rider long before he bought his first bike. Perched on the tanks of his dad’s dual sports, he would get a few chances to take control of the handlebars, but he didn’t really dive in until he got to high school—which is when he sold his car for a Yamaha R1.
Matthias has been riding ever since, but he and his dad weren’t the only ones in the family who liked bikes. The Honda CBX featured in today’s video belonged to Matthias’ uncle before he passed, and while it’s been in the family since new in 1982, it hasn’t rolled past 5000 on the odometer yet. It’s a very original, very of its era machine. With six carburetors to tune and a striking early-’80s design, the big Honda is a unique motorcycle in its own right, and this particular one has helped Matthias stay connected to his uncle even if they can’t ride together.

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added on 7 Jan. 2020

Make: Honda


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