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1015hp Lamborghini Revuelto revealed!

Here it is! The replacement for the Aventador - the Lamborghini Revuelto… and it’s absolutely insane!

For starters, you Lambo fans will be happy - the 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 has been retained! And not only that, it’s 17kg lighter than the one that was housed in the Aventador. But that’s not all - it also redlines at a glorious 9,500rpm!

What’s more, that’s not all you’ll find under the skin of this all-new Lambo - it also comes with THREE electric motors!! With two at the back and one at the front, the Revuelto puts out an insane 1,015hp! This is enough to propel you to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, and it helps you hit 120mph in less than 7 seconds!

Incredible, right?! But there’s a catch. It’s expected to cost around £450,000 - that’s £70,000 MORE than a Ferrari SF90! So is it worth it? You’ll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

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00:28 Revuelto
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02:46 Engine
03:31 Hybrid
04:33 Driving Modes
05:41 Gearbox
06:44 Weight
07:42 Performance
08:34 Interior
09:36 Price

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added on 29 Mar. 2023

Make: Lamborghini


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