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GARAGE UPDATE! Senna Damage News and New Cars

What a dramatic week! From the Senna incident to announcing 3 new future cars to join the Shmeemobile garage! With the AMG A45 S, GT R Pro and GT R Roadster all due in, along with 3 others, let's have a look at what's coming and when, while letting you know where all the current cars are for the summer.

In addition the collection is growing to include the Toyota GR Supra, BMW M8 Competition and the TVR Griffith, but that might not be all... if I'm able to find an allocation for a Shelby GT500 I wouldn't be able to resist! However, for the time being it's become very confusing so let's have a run down of what is going to be coming and when.

In the absence of the McLaren Senna in the garage, a temporary replacement comes in the form of a LEGO Speed Champions Senna thanks to the help of @brickcitywhips for sourcing the replacement parts to make my own car. However on that front, the car is now undergoing investigation to explore what's damaged but it seems to be that the crash only caught exterior panels and has not concerned anything underlying which is an immense relief. The bad news is that the parts aren't readily available and I'd assume it's going to be a few months before it is actually able to be back on the road.

In terms of the other cars in the garage, here's a quick current summary for you:

McLaren Senna - with McLaren for repair
Ford GT - heading to the USA for 2 months
McLaren 675LT Spider - 3rd year service coming
Aston Martin Vantage GT8 - sleeping pretty
Ferrari GTC4Lusso - on loan to my Dad
AMG GT R - for sale
AMG G63 - heading to Frankfurt
Ford Focus RS Heritage - soon to return from Frankfurt
Ford Focus RS Red - off for a new Quaife gearbox
Suzuki Jimny - unknown plans

The cars on their way in at the moment with the best guesses when they might arrive are:

Toyota GR Supra (Sep-Oct 2019)
AMG GT R Pro (Oct 2019)
BMW M8 Competition (Christmas 2019)
AMG A45 S (New Year 2020)
AMG GT R Roadster (Spring 2020)
TVR Griffith (Unknown 2020)

You can also find the new Shmee Senna Socks that have been created by Heel Tread: There are also the low socks too:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 9 Jul. 2019


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