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Snow Ruins My Ford GT Nurburgring Plans!

Waking up at the Nurburgring expecting to take my Ford GT our for a drive, the last thing I expected was to look out the window and see the track completed covered in snow! However, that won't stop the fun so let's go explore and take a drive in the GT and check out what's going on.

Straight from Spring Event, we blasted down to Nurburg with the Ford GT, enjoying several 300km/h sprints to get a real feel for the car. Meanwhile the forecast was already reporting a snow sprinkling but the total blanketing of the Eiffel Mountains was definitely not in the plans!

With the sky quickly clearing and temperatures rising, this was the perfect opportunity to take the GT for some photos while the track itself was yet to open. With both the Nordschleife and Grand Prix Strecke remaining closed for the majority of the day I took to exploring the local roads to give you some more insight into my experience with the GT so far, now that it has 1,300km on the clock.

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The day may not have taken the course that was expected, but despite the weather that isn't going to stop me driving and enjoying the Ford GT! Despite first impressions, my cars aren't really garage queens and a small bit of inclement weather won't get in the way from an enjoyable day out.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 15 Apr. 2019

Make: Ford


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