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Preparing My FORD GT! Detailing at Topaz

It's time to prepare my Ford GT for the road! The EcoBeast is painted in my bespoke red and gold colour scheme and it's critical to ensure the car is well protected for the adventures ahead. As such a visit to Topaz for the detailing ahead of PPF is absolutely required so let's get the process underway!

Before taking the Ford GT over to Topaz's workshop, first up I needed to load the Senna with Turbo Transport to take it back to McLaren Manchester to finish the Pre-Delivery Inspection and get it ready for handover too. Then it's into the GT for the short road drive over to the Topaz workshop for the first stages to begin. Driving the car before it has PPF you say?! In this case, the kind team at Multimatic prepared it with film in the vulnerable areas to make this possible without running significant risks of a chip already.

Initially it heads into the wash bay for the pre-detail preparation, whereby contaminants are removed and the surfaces primed for a full inspection of the paint quality. Joined by Mazin and Nabil from Topaz, we can explore the process ahead and then inspect the standard of paint from Ford and Multimatic on the GT. It has to be said, it's rather impressive from the beginning, and very well finished all over. However, as always even though it's a brand new car, it is important that the paint is in the best shape possible before it is then sealed beneath the PPF going forwards.

I'll be back to check on the standard later on and discover the PPF process when that's ready to begin as well!

You can also find out more about Topaz with the following links:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 4 Jan. 2019

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