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I review the BEST Hypercars Ever!

Every petrolhead wants a hypercar, right?

They’re the fastest, most powerful and best-looking cars ever made. So how do you choose which one to buy?

Well, most billionaire petrolheads don’t have to choose. They’ll just buy all of them!

But how do you choose which hypercar to get if you only have a one-car garage at your Monaco penthouse?

Well, in this video Mat will give you his verdict on 5 of the greatest hypercars ever made to help you decide.

He hits more than 200mph in a 1,600hp, quad-turbo W16-powered Bugati Chiron Super Sport 300+ on the German Autobahn.

He drives an AMG One with its F1-derived engine and hybrid system on the Nurburgring.
He goes flat-out in a 1,817hp twin-turbo V8-equipped Hennessey Venom F5 – with the help of the man who built it.

And he scares himself driving a 1,200hp Danish track car with insane active aero, in the UK, on real roads, in the wet!

And not only that, he also takes to the track in a naturally aspirated V12-powered Aston Martin Valkyrie with more than 1,000hp.

00:00 Intro
01:09 Chiron SS design
02:28 Zenvo TSR-S design
04:23 Venom F5 design
05:47 AMG One design
07:42 Valkyrie design
15:15 Valkyrie interior
16:55 Venom F5 interior
18:56 AMG One interior
20:03 Zenvo TSR-S interior
21:29 Chiron SS interior
23:17 Venom F5 engine
24:22 Zenvo TSR-S engine
24:56 Chiron SS engine
26:05 AMG One engine
27:32 Valkyrie engine and chassis
31:07 Chiron SS chassis and brakes
32:44 Zenvo TSR-S air brake and chassis
33:49 Venom F5 chassis and brakes
34:31 AMG One chassis and hybrid system
35:43 AMG One driving
45:34 Valkyrie driving
52:37 Valkyrie AMR Pro driving
56:19 Zenvo TSR-S driving
1:01:49 Chiron SS driving
1:11:26 Venom F5 driving
1:15:44 Verdict

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added on 20 Sep. 2023


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