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REVEALING My Gumball 3000 CAR!? Big Plans Ahead

It's nearly time for the Gumball 3000, so let's get into revealing some of our plans! My AMG GT Black Series wears the livery, but there's still a lot more to tell you... For now, we're prepping things including our Support Vehicle: the Ford Transit Custom MS-RT.

We have previously stickered up my AMG GT Black Series for SupercarFest, but I've mentioned it's a bit of a red herring as to the plans for what is now my 9th time on the Gumball 3000. If I can pull off what I've got in the works, it will be an absolute first and I can't wait for this! However, my Ford GT has been living under the GoodWool cover recently and that triggered plenty of speculation that it must be the car I'm taking... well let's find out.

The 24th annual rally kicks off from Edinburgh on Sunday 11th June for the first leg to London, before continuing onwards to Amsterdam, Verbier, Venice, Budapest and the finish line in Porto Montenegro. Along the way there will be some amazing checkpoints, a lot of miles, and clearly a big plan that I'm working on, but it also requires a support car and in this case we're going to take the Ford Transit Custom MS-RT!

Joined by 3 Sixty Wraps, the stickering partner for Gumball 3000, the Support Vehicle livery comes into action very quickly and looks the part in full! This is going to help us get around for the rally; transporting people, luggage, giveaways, and all sorts of random things that are going to happen during this adventure.

You can grab the Gumball Bundle from Krispy Kreme until tomorrow on Uber Eats!

Plus, our Team 150 Tour Tee is available right now here:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:11 Gumball 3000 Plans
02:20 Support Car Reveal
04:09 Shuffling Around
05:17 Installing Gumball Stickers
06:50 Krispy Kreme Donuts
08:00 Let's Get Stickering
09:18 Gumball 3000 Route Overview
11:50 More Stickers
12:41 Team 150 Merch
13:23 Continuing Stickers
14:35 It's Ready
17:02 Final Thoughts
18:45 Wrap Up

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added on 3 Jun. 2023


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