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Volkswagen ID Buzz 2023 Review

Introducing the all-new Volkswagen ID Buzz!

It’s a family-friendly people carrier that’s out to buck the trend of MPVs being ugly and uncool. The question is, has it been successful?

Well for starters, let’s check out the design, where it’s clear to see that the ID Buzz easily stands out among the crowd! Not only does it look great in this two-tone paint job, but there are a number of exterior features that help enhance its look and feel even more. Around the back, you’ve got wrap-around tail lights and a full-length light bar along with a mini spoiler. There are big creases all along the side, and the wrap-around headlights up top mirror what you see around the back. There’s also a super cool grille design, coupled with the largest VW badge in its entire range!

The good looks continue on the inside, too. There’s the option to have the same two-tone design as found outside, and there are a number of cool little features on the dash and in the door pockets that really lift the look and feel. The dash has a big infotainment screen, although the system isn’t that great. On the flip side, though, the interior is packed full with loads of different storage areas.

When it comes to performance, the ID Buzz comes with a single electric motor driving the rear wheels to deliver 204hp. It comes with a 77kWh battery pack which is good for a claimed range of 258 miles. A dual-motor edition is on the way, too, which will be good for 299hp.

All-in-all the ID Buzz will start from £57,000. But what do you think - is it worth it? Or does it just look a bit too weird for your liking? Let us know in the comments!

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00:37 Design
02:01 Interior
04:50 Back Seats
06:22 Boot
08:22 5 Annoying Things
10:22 5 Cool Things
12:34 Motors
13:22 Town Driving
14:46 Motorway Driving
15:56 Country Road Driving
16:55 0-60mph
17:31 Verdict

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added on 18 Nov. 2022

Make: Volkswagen


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